Ok, I’m not going to lie to you, – I hesitated making this video for YEARS. Why? Because when people hear the term ‘passive income’ they imagine themselves rolling around on a white sand beach with money just falling from the sky…and I hate to burst your bubble, but that ain’t the truth.

But in honour of our #60DaySprint, before this year comes to an end, I wanted you to get a head start on making your #BeYourOwnBoss dreams a reality.
The truth is, you can start generating passive income right now. Seriously. And you can start earning money online from scratch, but creating passive income takes time and work.

I made this video to show you how I have several revenue streams that pay me a full time wage, completely passively, and how you can use these methods for yourself.

Comment below the video and let me know what your big takeaway is and if you’re going to start using these tactics to generate passive income. 
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