Firm Founders Video Series: Solving Admin Challenges and Generating Early Business


One of the best pieces of advice Republican media consultant Ryan Horn got when he was launching his firm: embrace what you fear. For many entrepreneurs in the political space, that’s the actual business side of things like having legal squared away and getting your taxes right. 

“Get a great bookkeeper. Get a really good lawyer,” said Horn. “That takes care of two thirds of that backside stuff that seems so intimidating before you’ve started a business. Get good people that you can afford to do the work and invest in them.”

In the newest installment of C&E’s Firm Founders video series, you’ll get advice from firm owners on avoiding admin challenges, generating early business, and building a portfolio prior to launch. 

Featured in this series: Ryan Horn of Bullhorn Communications, Sharon Páez of Potomac Waves Media, Kara Turrentine of Turrency Political, and Kendall Scudder of Armadilla Strategies. 

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