How to Reach Hispanic Voters: Make It Authentic


Hispanic and Latino Americans are a complex and diverse electorate with the power to influence the outcome of elections across the United States. An effective and culturally relevant approach is the difference between resonating and connecting with voters — or not. Authenticity, attention to detail, and culturally-rooted design are key for maximum impact with this audience.

These insights are supported by recent research conducted on behalf of the United States Postal Service, which included both quantitative and qualitative components — a national survey and focus groups with voters as well as a survey and interviews with political consultants.*

The research reveals that direct mail carries more clout with Hispanic and Latino Americans, yet campaigns may be underestimating direct mail’s potential in reaching this target audience.

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*All data sourced from research conducted on behalf of the Postal Service by Summit Research and KRC Research from November 2020 through February 2021.The research includes post-election voter surveys and focus groups as well as insights from a political consultant survey and in-depth interviews.

Larissa Valdez is currently serving as National Direct Mail strategist for the Postal Service. In this role, Larissa works with a team of specialists who consult with and support political campaigns, campaign strategists, and political mailing partners. She exercises market intelligence and persuasive strategies to implement customer loyalty, and post-sale follow ups. Larissa utilizes strategic drivers, business analysis and analytics that create value for the customer to enhance their business model. Larissa provides creative influence with recommendations on mail piece design and technical guidance that amplified brand recognition.

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