GOP Jobs Partners With Majority Strategies With an Eye Toward ‘Bespoke’ Recruiting


GOP Jobs, a startup backed by the Startup Caucus incubator, has partnered with the Republican firm Majority Strategies, the pair announced on Monday. The move gives GOP Jobs access to the data collected by Majority Strategies’ job bank Majority Hunter, which had previously been a popular platform on the right.

“This is more of a data exchange than anything else and a commitment to work together in this space,” Jonathan Gallegos, founder of GOP Jobs, told C&E. 

Gallegos said the partnership also made sense because it helps raise his startup’s profile. 

“Ultimately, for us the name of the game is awareness — the more people that know about us, the more that use us, the more valuable it is for everyone on the platform,” he said. “The data is great, the stamp of approval from a known entity is also great, and having their distribution helps get the word out and helps build this ultimate cause.” 

It could also help facilitate GOP Jobs’ growth into a new area that Gallegos said is underserved in the campaign and advocacy space: executive search. 

“Long term, the vision for GOP Jobs is not to just be a resume bank. We want to be a place where freelancers can be hired, where we can do this bespoke job matching, which is something else we’re working on right now,” he said.

Part of the attraction to Majority Strategies’ data is that it goes back several cycles. Now paired with GOP Jobs’ own database, this could allow the startup to start charting the career trajectories of a large pool of practitioners working on the right. 

“We’ll have the ability to profile someone throughout their career and really bucket these people into criteria that employers will find really valuable,” Gallegos said. “In the future, we’re be able to move folks throughout the workforce in really efficient ways that the party hasn’t seen before.”

In a statement, Majority Strategies CEO Brett Buerck put it this way: “This is a major step forward for political candidates and organizations to capitalize on GOP momentum and benefit from hiring top talent, many of whom will be coming off of recent successes in other states, where the lessons learned there can be attributed to races going forward.” 

Innovative hiring could become a strategic advantage and groups on the left are also moving to help facilitate the introduction of new hiring practices into the industry. For instance, the progressive firm Grassroots Analytics recently created a role for a dedicated campaign talent recruiter responsible for outreach to universities and other potential sources of talent.

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