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General Security

We can provide a needs assessment of your current security posture to expose your vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation.

Industrial Security

Our experts can provide the latest government standards and assist your company in maintaining compliance.

FSO Support

Our associates can provide standard FSO support to give you peace of mind and free you up to focus on your company specialty

National Industrial Security Program

Stay up-to-date and receive professional advice on specific regulatory requirements concerning your activities in the  NISP.

Our Mission

Sims Security Strategies, LLC, was founded by Heather and John Sims in 2018 as a consultancy to support companies with their overall security needs.   Heather and John offer a combined total of 60+ years of experience in a multitude of security disciplines, insider threat, risk management, anti-terrorism and educational/training needs analysis. 

This Women and Veteran owned company brings to you, two professionals with military, federal government and Defense Industrial Base contractor experience that can conduct a needs analysis of you current security environment and develop a strategy to enhance your security posture.

Sims Security Strategies, LLC has a variety of skill sets that can be utilized to create robust security programs.  We can develop plans to support government compliance, adaptability to the evolving threats, as well as protection over your sensitive company proprietary information to include your company intellectual information. 

Our services will give you peace of mind in meeting your contractual, compliance and other company obligations.

SIMS Security Strategies

At Sims Security Strategies we will conduct a security needs analysis and assist you in developing security plans to meet government compliance standards as well as provide your company a viable security posture that will defend against the ever-evolving adversarial threat to your intelligential and customers sensitive information.

Our team

Our Security Professionals 

Heather Sims


 Heather M. Sims is the current Industry Spokesperson to the National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee responsible for advising on matters and issues concerning National Industrial Security Program polices. 

Heather provides Security Strategy, Planning and Collaboration to one of the largest national defense contractors in the nation.  She provides subject matter expertise for all security disciplines and insider threat guidance.

Previously, she was the Assistant Deputy Director for Industrial Security Field Operations at Defense Security Service, now known as Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency located in Quantico, Virginia.  Mrs. Sims was responsible for the day-to-day field operations throughout the US. 

Heather also served in the Air Force in various positions both in uniform and as a civilian employee. 

Mrs. Sims holds a Bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education and Development from the University Southern Illinois. She is also a graduate of the Excellence in Government Senior Fellows Program and the Federal Executive Institute.

She holds professional certifications in Security Fundamentals, Security Asset Protection, Industry Security Oversight, and Physical Security.

John Sims


John R. Sims former St. Louis NCMS Chapter Chair continuously staying abreast on all relevant national security updates.

Mr. Sims is a retired disabled veteran having honorably served in the United States Air Force for over 25 years.   Mr. Sims provided oversight and advisement on direction, management and operation of Anti-Terrorism Force Protection, Physical, Industrial, Personnel and Information Security programs.

Mr. Sims holds a bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education and Development from the University Southern Illinois. 

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