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Your municipality is unique, so your government website should have the tools to meet the custom needs of your citizens. Let SnapSite  design, build and host your government website design. Give citizens the access they need and let us build your Municipal Website.

Online Payments

Simple, fast and secure payment portal allows any payment that can be made in person, available online too


Streamline and simplify your daily revenue collection and customer service functions with a product designed specifically for government clerks

Credit Cards

Accept credit cards quickly and easily online, in person or over the phone

Minutes & Agendas

Easily post agendas and minutes, keeping citizens informed and aware.

Photo Gallery

Show pictures of your city, town or county. Show events and points of interest.


Provide visibility and transparency into activities, meetings and other happenings.

311 Request for Service

Give your citizens the ability to report problems and ideas while saving man hours.

Civic Engagement

Make it easy for citizens to engage and find answers and reduce the number of calls.

Business Directory

Easily create and maintain a searchable directory of members or businesses.

Cloud Hosting

AWS Hosting offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services.

Government Web Design For Small To Medium Size Towns

Let our team of professionals help create your government website, we are here to make your ideas reality. We’re changing how municipalities work!


We Create Civic Websites

Provide your citizens with
the best experience by sharing the most
detailed images.

Step 1

Meet with our owner, Rafael, to discuss your civic website goals. 

Step 2

We work with you to find the design, style, content and layout you want to have for your website solution.

Step 3

During this meeting we will gather any needed changes or edits required in order to make your new municipal solution live.

Quick & Simple

Just submit a simple registration form and our system will create all the required sample pages and initial content for your new campaign website automatically.


Recruit volunteers find and stimulate hidden leaders, donors, and everyday people to grow your political campaign.

Form builder

Easy-to-use online form builder. Create online forms and publish them, you will receive an email for each response.

Political Campaign Site Builder

Snap Site Civic Websites


Let your supporters know what you are doing, sell tickets, build a following.


Accept Secure Online Donations 24 hours a day, reach your campaign goals.

Online Store

Creating an eCommerce website with SnapSite Online Store is simple, fast & affordable. Our fully hosted PayPal shopping cart software lets you sell products online.


We enable your organization to invite followers to sign up, spread the word, attend events, volunteer, enlist their contacts, vote, and give.

Create Political Canvassing Maps for Door-to-door Volunteers

For those enabling political change, there’s no better way than face-to-face, one-on-one interaction. That’s where door-to-door political canvassing comes in. No matter the candidate or the level of office, a well-organized approach will help you more efficiently approach the right voters. That’s where a voter map could come in handy.  SnapSite makes turning a spreadsheet into a map as easy as copy-paste.

In the United States we have national elections at least every two years and local elections at least once per year. The biggest elections come every four years when the US President is elected, along with all members of the House of Representatives and roughly one-third of the Senate. That is the case in 2016. Since all political canvassing is at a local level, location plays a large role. Let’s see how political volunteers could use a map of locations for door-to-door canvassing..

311 Snap Report is an easy to use tool is built to streamline government, while increase public participation in government. We make government accessible and give citizens the power to self-report and provide the information they need for a functioning city, state or county.

With this tool, citizens can report a variety of public problems (e.g. potholes, broken street lamps, vandalism, fly dumping, etc.), get immediate access to government officials via e-mail or telephone, and quickly and conveniently look up addresses, hours of operation, phone numbers, and other general information.