311 Citizen Request Management Software


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See a problem report it –a pothole, vandalism or any issue.

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Report the issue and upload the information to the site.

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Then your city will take the information to the appropriate department and fix it.


The 311 system will provide crucial community feedback on information residents and visitors need most and want from their local government. 

3-1-1 Citizen  If citizens have a question, complaint, concern or need a city service, our citizen system can take action or connect you to the right department. Whether you want to report a pothole, find out about the next trash pickup, or thank a city employee for a job well done.

  • Reports
  • Admin
  • Analyze

Citizens' requests, concerns & suggestions

  • Click and Report

    Allow citizens to report issues from home or cell phone. Giving citizens a simple, streamlined, and effective government services and quick problem resolution

  • Find Your Location

    Our map will facilitate citizens to determine their exact location of their issue. Reducing the time for your municipality to correct the issue.

  • Report by Category

    Users can select a pre-specified category reflecting the reported issue. This permits municipalities to streamline information from all departments and offices to provide single source of information.

  • Descriptive

    Citizens have the ability to provide descriptive information to help locate and resolve the issue, description, location and category.

  • Picture Enabled

    Users can easily take and upload pictures on the spot, to help describe the issue.

  • Comments

    The public will have the opportunity to comment on issues submitted by other citizens. This helps build citizen engagement and a tighter community.

Citizens issues through an integrated management system

  • Browse effectively

    Issues are presented on the city map, as an ordered list but also in a single-issue page displaying the full set of submitted details.

  • Track pending issues

    Issues are automatically routed not only to the appropriate department but also to the inbox of the responsible officer.

  • Provide direct feedback

    Provide written feedback to the citizens giving non-standard explanations for each specific case.

  • Distribute responsibilities

    Assign one or more officers per category and split the administration effort across the municipality departments.

  • Monitor progress and update citizens

    Resolve issues and inform citizens by email or through a progress indication bar (Open -> Acknowledged -> Closed).

  • Customize easily

    Fully customize the system in terms of user rights, number and nature of categories, notification rules and localization settings.

Citizens data to gain city insights

  • Filter and explore

    Combine temporal filters with free keyword-based search and dynamically explore citizens’ data through interactive visualizations.

  • Discover hidden patterns

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  • Aggregate and visualize

    By asking citizens to provide only the information necessary to locate and resolve the issue, such as title, description, location and category.

  • Translate patterns into insights

    Identify areas with dissatisfied citizens, under-performing departments due to heavy workload, seasonal burden on city infrastructures, etc.

311 and Citizen Request Management Software

311 and Citizen Request Management Software

Snapsite.us 311 Citizen Request Software gives enables municipalities the ability to report and deliver services faster to provide an improved experience to your citizens.

311 Reporting can provide you access to non-emergency City services and information about City government programs. 311 can help with a broad range of services, including things like homeless person assistance, pothole repair.


Our 311 Reporting dashboard is easy to use and gives you all the information to you need to resolve issues in record time. 


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