Provide Citizens The Highest Level Of Service

While Making Staff’s Job Easier And More Efficient.

We are driven by the motto, “When you look good, we look good.” That starts with offering beautiful interfaces that are highly customizable to meet your brand guidelines. Intuitive user experiences that have been tested across age demographics from 18 to 85 year olds. Integrating to other products so citizen’s experiences are seamless and staff more efficient. Regular communication with our clients to make sure their needs are being met and to listen to the ideas they have or problems they are facing and come up with implementable solutions together. You don’t just get our software, you get our team.


Based in the Cloud, SnapSite is able to scale up or down to meet your specific member volume needs. Redundant, load-balanced server configuration allows for a near-perfect up-time for your heaviest loads.


The cloud-based software engine easily integrates with most municipal CRM systems – you don’t have to start from scratch to reap the benefits that SnapSite offers.


Help is never far away with attentive customer service and round-the-clock response to all of your most pressing inquiries. Call, email or login to our live-chat and receive the answers you need when you need them.


We want to grow with you. As devices change and technology advances, so will the manner in which we meet the needs of individual communities. We will be at the forefront to bring you the most cutting-edge products available.