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What is 311 Citizen Request Management Software?

311 Citizen Reporting Software

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311 Citizen Request Management Software is a type of software used by municipalities and local government organizations to manage and track non-emergency service requests from citizens. It allows citizens to submit requests and complaints through a variety of channels, such as a phone line, website, or mobile app.

The software typically includes features such as:

  • A database of frequently asked questions and answers
  • An interactive map that allows citizens to pinpoint the location of their request
  • A way for citizens to track the status of their request and receive updates
  • The ability for city staff to assign and manage requests
  • Analytics and reporting tools to track and analyze request data

The software is designed to streamline the request management process, allowing government organizations to more efficiently respond to and resolve citizen complaints and requests. It can also help to improve communication and transparency between the government and citizens.