Digital Business Cards

In today’s digital era, it is vital to use digital business cards where you can share all of your contact details in one convenient view. Digital business cards are easy to share and perfect to combine all your accounts and contact details in a single view.

The purpose of a digital business card is simple: to help you connect with more potential clients, partners, and co-workers. 

I’m sure you’re already familiar with traditional business cards, the printed product that you might hand to a potential client or colleague. It’s a perfect way of networking and leaving your contact details to connect later on.

Digital business cards serve primarily the same purpose. Most of us are on so many platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more) that it can be overwhelming to share all of those details at once. That’s where virtual business cards shine.

The point of an e business card is to create a single, simple, shareable file with all of your contact details. That way, the recipient has no friction to follow your account on social media or contact you using the details.

We have partnered with SnapCardME to help bring you affordable Digital Business Card and Mini Sites.  The goal is to give small business owners the ability to grow .

Sample Card:  Scott Raether