How to win an Election

People casting ballots in an election for their favorite politicians candidates. VOTE dividers

Steps to Winning your Election.

People casting ballots in an election for their favorite politicians candidates. VOTE dividers

How to win an election: The key to winning an election is simple: You need to get more votes than your opponents. Many factors come into play when you are trying to figure out how to get to that number.

Creating a winning plan requires a little math, ingenuity, and understanding of your local electorate. Candidates start with grassroots supporters, people who are sure to support them and turnout on voting day. We don’t need to spend time talking to these people about voting, but they are excellent candidates for volunteers. There are three main ways to complement these grassroots voters to defeat your opponent:

  1. Build a voter base. The first tactic to get the winning votes, is to make sure your followers are registered to vote. Voter registration is one of the most important steps to ensure you have enough supporters to be able to win on election day. Furthermore, expanding the electorate is essential for a truly representative democracy.
  2. Persuade Undecided Voters.Persuasion is an effective strategy, when done right, because it not only wins you a vote for your candidate, it also takes one away from your opponent so you essentially net two votes from one voter.
  3. Turn Out Supporters.In some cases, the main focus of a campaign will be identifying supporters and making sure they get out to vote. Generally, this will be focused on voters who are likely support the candidate but may not vote without a few reminders.

Every area is different, so the amount of time you invest in each of these strategies will depend on the particular area and campaign. No matter your strategy, there’s one thing that is critical to every successful campaign: direct voter contact.




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