How a Democracy Once on its Knees Rose from its Malaise – Jay Townsend

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The sorry state of the American Democracy is not the first time the fragile bonds of our Republic have been tested. How a new generation of office holders once led a country mired in malaise into the most powerful nation on earth.



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The day after the assault on our nation’s capital in 2021, I had a zoom meeting with a client in Romania.

During the call I asked if he had seen what happened. He told me he’d been in a meeting with six people seated at a conference table. In the corner of the room was a Television. Newscast on. Sound turned off.

One of the people at the table noticed the violence and said, ‘Oh my God, where is that happening?’ To which another responded, ‘That could be happening anywhere…except the United States.’

Anybody who says the American democracy is healthy is living in denial. It isn’t.

But it is not the first time that the fragile bonds of our Republic have been tested. Those of us raised in the 60’s and 70’s saw a country torn apart by civil unrest: the Vietnam War, deadly riots, the assassination of a President, a U.S. Senator and the preeminent civil rights leader of that time.

Our economy was battered by double digit inflation, double digit interest and unemployment rates. There was the Watergate scandal, and a President forced to resign in disgrace.

The events of that time produced a new generation of reform-minded people who sought public office, armed with new ideas and a passion to correct the course of the American democracy.

They by and large succeeded and in the final 25 years of the past century made the United States the world’s sole superpower, by far the richest and most powerful nation on earth.

They brought their idealism and passion to the marketplace of ideas, determined to preserve this great experiment in democratic rule.

They came from both parties, did the hard work of governing, righted the course of a nation and restored the vitality of a country.

I had the privilege of helping many who rose to power during that time.

During my remaining years, there is no cause more important to me than helping a new crop of problem solvers preserve the American democracy, and keep it the beacon of freedom it has long been for so many.

These days it’s hard to miss the stories about the decline of the American Empire, the vile hatred, the hopeless division, and fears of coming civil strife.

Democracies don’t last unless they are led by those who want them to work.

There has never been a greater need for candidates who do. If that includes you, I invite you to be in touch.

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